Puppies from our kennel are bred at home as family mammbers. Thanks to this they have superbe contact with people. Thay are healthy, well cared and under the eye of a veterinary. Puppies from Meldor find new homes in loving familys in Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Suitzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel, Finland, Cyprus, England, Canada and USA. With their owner they have many succes on shows. Thanks to their grate hunting instinct they feel marvoulously hunting in the fields.

From A to Z!

We are very proud to tell that in the years 2006 - 2019, in our home kennel Meldor-Sett were born 26 litters,
from A to Z. Exactly 203 puppies found loving homes in 17 countries:
Poland 105, France 40, Germany 29, Switzerland 4, Belgium 4, United Kingdom 4, Spain 3, Cyprus 3, The Netherlands 2, Latvia 2, Luxembourg 1, Italy 1, Slovenia 1, Austria 1, Finland 1, Izrael 1, Canada 1.

Thank you all for your appreciation and trust for our kennel.

Irish setter puppie!

On the 15 th of March 2024 irish setter puppies were born. We have 8 boys and 3 girls. The proud parents are:
Meldor-Sett Yen for Chocolate
Universe of Doubtless Justice All Irish Gold